Gum Grafting

Receding gums can cause sensitivity, and uneven gum line, decay, and the appearance of a long tooth. Gum grafting procedures are used to cover up tooth roots, even out your gum line, and to prevent future recession. 

We use the latest procedures and technology to decrease discomfort and give you the best end result possible. During your consultation, Dr. Gubler will will evaluate your smile, listen to your concerns regarding your smile, and explain the treatment plan that is right for you. 

Am I a Candidate for Gum Grafting?

You may benefit from gum grafting if you:

What will happen during your gum graft

Your treatment plan will be designed for your individual needs and goals for treatment. During your comprehensive consultation, you and Dr. Gubler will discuss your needs and your desires for treatment. The procedure will be explained in detail to you and any questions will be answered.

During a gum graft, local anesthetic is used. IV sedation is available and many patients prefer being sedated for this procedure. The gum graft is harvested from a small area on the roof of your mouth or in some cases, donor tissue can be used  and sutured in place where the grafting is needed to avoid added discomfort. In some cases a custom retainer will be made to protect the roof of your mouth during the healing process. 

After the procedure, some post-operative soreness and swelling is normal. We use the latest treatments and technology to improve recovery and aesthetic outcomes, but some medication may be prescribed to increase healing and manage your discomfort. 

During the first few days we recommend cold soft foods and rinsing with a medicated mouthwash to avoid irritating the area to promote healing. Staying away from crunchy foods and hard brushing will prevent soreness and speed up your healing time. Every patient is different, be patient if your healing takes longer than expected. 

What are the benefits of gum grafting?

Not only does gum grafting improves the look of your gum line and overall smile, but it can greatly improve your oral health. Receding gums can cause severe dental sensitivity due the tooth roots being exposed. Gum grafting procedures cover the tooth roots, even out the gum line, prevents future recession, and reduces sensitivity.  

Improves the look of your smile
Prevents and treats
Gum Recession
Cover up
Tooth Roots
Reduces Tooth Sensitivity